Industry Connect Pan India

Academia and Industry Connect:
"In today's competitive world, employers are now looking at talent with, not only the right attitude but also the right aptitude while hiring, promoting and retaining. To have an edge on one's performance, not only hard / technical skills are required, but also it is imperative to have soft and behavioural skills like Positive Attitude, Communication Skills, Aptitude for leadership, Inter-personal skills, etc.Today, employers are impressed not with how much you know, but how well you can convenience the opposite person to think and accept your point of view. Over a decade, ARVI has been working with the student fraternity vide research, counselling, mentoring, placement and has exclusively designed "Student Certification / Development Program". These programs are customized to benefit not only the Education Institutions but also the "Junior & Senior College Students" of all Engineering and Management streams to attain confidence while delivering short- and long-term goals both in their professional and personal life. ARVI has also successfully delivered "Faculty Development Program" to have a holistic approach to teaching and student mentoring. It includes training manuals, designing systems and process for smooth function of administration activities. As our readers you will be happy to learn that this has seen exponential growth in placement activities.

Enterprise - Marketing & Sales Connect:
ARVI facilitate 's Industry Collaboration on behalf of our clients across Industries, Sectors, Functions and organization hierarchy. This may mean exploring new markets, new partnerships with other businesses or tapping existing ones for future growth. We help our customers finding new ways to reach existing markets, or new product or service offerings to give better solutions in existing markets and then explore possible business synergies. ARVI has been successful in facilitating Pre - Sales, Lead Generation System, Market Research, Meeting opportunities, database mining, Compensation Mapping, Key account management for our clients across Pan India
Through our experience, we have supported many starts-ups, SME's who are keen to explore and expand their reach across India..