Competency Mapping

ARVI's "Research and Freelance Team" has been continuously interacting with enterprises across Industries and has identified that one of the most important accountabilities of HR is Competency Mapping. ARVI with its satellite partners has developed customised competency model for defining specific skills, knowledge, abilities and behaviour required for a job / position. These Competency models have widely been implemented in defining and assessing competencies within organizations in both hard and soft skills.

We work closely with the HR fraternity across levels to streamline various HR process i.e. Job Assessment, Training & Development, Recruitment, Talent mapping. ARVI's approach is detailed oriented and consultative in nature. This process helps our team to determine organization future talent needs, assess the capabilities of current staff to meet those needs, source high-potential candidates for future growth and develop a strategic plan to fill identified skills and talent gaps.

In addition, ARVI is happy to announce that we have created employers competencies on Customer Service, Commercial awareness, Marketing & Media Training, Result Oriented and Problem-Solving Interventions across levels and functions. Our certification programs for the Education Industry has been specially designed for Faculty and Students around competency framework.

ARVI believe that these interventions are so elaborate in nature that we would like to evolve along with our client